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Addison wesley

Professional Open Source dot NET Development Programming with NAnt NUnit NDoc.chm
7,7 Мб
Modern C Design Generic Programming and Design Patterns Applied.pdf.rar
1,2 Мб
Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture.chm
2,1 Мб
Test-Driven Development by Example.chm
391 Кб
Practical Web Technologies eBook-LiB.chm
21,5 Мб
Principles of the Business Rule Approach.chm
1,6 Мб
Professional ASP dot NET v2 0-The Beta Version Jul 2004 eBook-DDU.chm
9,8 Мб
Professional Designing Web Services with the J2EE 1 4 Platform Jun 2004 eBook-DDU.chm
2,5 Мб
Professional dot NET Compact Framework Programming with Visual Basic dot NET Jun 2.chm
9,8 Мб
Professional Effective Enterprise Java Aug 2004 eBook-DDU.chm
934 Кб
Professional Excel Development Feb 2005 ISBN0321262506.chm
21,7 Мб
Professional Find the Bug A Book of Incorrect Programs Oct 2004 ISBN0321223918.chm
426 Кб
Professional Inside Active Directory A System Administrators Guide Second Edition .chm
19,0 Мб
Professional InstallAnywhere Tutorial and Reference Guide Jul 2004 ISBN0321246101.chm
1,5 Мб
Professional Learning Exchange Server 2003 Sep 2004 eBook-DDU.chm
20,4 Мб
Professional Practical BGP Jul 2004 eBook-DDU.chm
7,2 Мб
Professional Return on Software Maximizing the Return on Your Software Investment .chm
4,0 Мб
Professional Seeing Data Designing User Interfaces for Database Systems Using dot .chm
6,9 Мб
Professional Succeeding with Open Source Aug 2004 eBook-DDU.chm
485 Кб
Professional SWT The Standard Widget Toolkit Volume 1 Jun 2004 eBook-DDU.chm
2,8 Мб
Professional The Art of ClearCase Deployment The Secrets to Successful Implementat.chm
1,6 Мб
Professional The Art of Computer Virus Research and Defense Feb 2005 ISBN032130454.chm
7,0 Мб
Professional The dot NET Developers Guide to Windows Security Sep 2004 eBook-DDU.chm
3,3 Мб
Professional The J2EE Tutorial Second Edition Jun 2004 eBook-DDU.chm
6,8 Мб
Professional The Tao of Network Security Monitoring Beyond Intrusion Detection Jul.chm
16,2 Мб
Professional Wi-Foo The Secrets of Wireless Hacking Jun 2004 eBook-DDU.chm
7,0 Мб
Professional Windows Forensics and Incident Recovery Jul 2004 ISBN0321200985.chm
7,5 Мб
Professional Windows XP Networking Aug 2004 ISBN0321205634.chm
9,6 Мб
Pub Exploiting Software How to Break Code eBook-kB.pdf.rar
4,8 Мб
Refactoring Improving the Design of Existing Code by Martin Fowler pdf.pdf.rar
1,3 Мб
sendmail Milters A Guide for Fighting Spam Jan 2005 ISBN0321213335.chm
525 Кб
Servlets and JavaServer Pages The J2EE Technology Web Tier eBook-LiB.chm
4,9 Мб
Slamming Spam A Guide for System Administrators Dec 2004 eBook-LiB.chm
16,9 Мб
Slamming Spam A Guide for System Administrators Dec 2004 ISBN0131467166.chm
16,9 Мб
Software Configuration Management Strategies and IBM Rational ClearCase 2nd Editio.chm
11,3 Мб
Storage Virtualization Technologies for Simplifying Data Storage and Management Ma.chm
7,1 Мб
The Art of Computer Virus Research and Defense Feb 2005 ISBN0321304543.chm
14,1 Мб
UML for Mere Mortals Oct 2004 ISBN0321246241.chm
2,7 Мб
Understanding SOA with Web Services ISBN0321180860.chm
5,4 Мб
Use Cases Patterns and Blueprints ISBN0131451340.chm
4,5 Мб
Windows Server 2003 2000 Thin Client Solutions 3rd edition Dec 2004 ISBN1578702763.chm
67,6 Мб
Windows System Programming 3rd Edition Oct 2004 ISBN0321256190.chm
2,3 Мб
Contributing To Eclipse Principles Patterns And Plug Ins 2003.chm
5,1 Мб
Writing Mobile Code Essential Software Engineering for Building Mobile Application.chm
10,3 Мб
Addison-Wesley Design Patterns Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software by GoF html rar
4,5 Мб
Apache Jakarta and Beyond A Java Programmers Introduction Dec 2004 ISBN0321237714.chm
11,7 Мб
Aspect Oriented Software Development with Use Cases ISBN0321268881.chm
6,4 Мб
Building Applications Components VB Dot NET.chm
2,5 Мб
Building High Availability Windows Server 2003 Solutions Dec 2004 ISBN0321228782.chm
5,1 Мб
Building Solutions Dot NET Compact Frwrk.chm
1,9 Мб
C Plus Plus Coding Standards 101 Rules Guidelines and Best Practices Oct 2004 ISBN.chm
537 Кб
C Plus Plus Common Knowledge Essential Intermediate Programming Feb 2005 ISBN03213.chm
510 Кб
C Plus Plus Primer 4th Edition Feb 2005 ISBN0201721481.chm
1,6 Мб
C Plus Plus Template Metaprogramming Dec 2004 ISBN0321227255.chm
649 Кб
CMMI Assessments Motivating Positive Change Feb 2005 ISBN0321179358.chm
1,1 Мб
CMMI SCAMPI Distilled Appraisals for Process Improvement Mar 2005 ISBN0321228766.chm
1,7 Мб
Code Reading by Diomidis Spinellis 2003.chm
2,0 Мб
Contributing To Eclipse Principles Patterns And Plug-Ins 2003 by Erich Gamma Kent .chm
5,1 Мб
Cpp Gotchas eBook LiB.chm
734 Кб
Crystal Clear A Human Powered Methodology for Small Teams Oct 2004 ISBN0201699478.chm
8,5 Мб
Data Access Patterns Database Interact OO.chm
2,2 Мб
Defend I T Security by Example May 2004 eBook-DDU.chm
1,3 Мб
Design Patterns Explained A New Perspective on Object Oriented Design 2nd Edition .chm
3,7 Мб
Designing Effective Database Systems Jan 2005 ISBN0321290933.chm
5,4 Мб
Developing Scalable Series 40 Applications A Guide for Java Developers Dec 2004 eB.chm
9,4 Мб
Developing Scalable Series 40 Applications A Guide for Java Developers Dec 2004 IS.chm
9,4 Мб
Eclipse AspectJ Dec 2004 ISBN0321245873.chm
32,3 Мб
Eclipse Distilled David Carlson 2005.chm
8,7 Мб
Eclipse Distilled Feb 2005 ISBN0321288157.chm
17,0 Мб
Eclipse Modeling Framework A Developers Guide by Frank Budinsky 2003.chm
3,2 Мб
Effective C Sharp 50 Specific Ways to Improve Your C Sharp ISBN0321245660.chm
531 Кб
Efficient C Performance Programming Techniques Bulka Mayhew ISBN0201379503.pdf.rar
1,0 Мб
eXtreme Dot NET Introducing eXtreme Programming Techniques to Dot NET Developers I.chm
3,1 Мб
Extreme Programming Explained Embrace Change 2nd Edition Nov 2004 ISBN0321278658.chm
844 Кб
File System Forensic Analysis Mar 2005 ISBN0321268172.chm
4,0 Мб
Hibernate A J2EE Developers Guide Nov 2004 ISBN0321268199.chm
5,4 Мб
Hitchhikers Guide to SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services Oct 2004 ISBN0321268288.chm
27,1 Мб
Imperfect C Plus Plus Practical Solutions for Real Life Programming Oct 2004 ISBN0.chm
1,1 Мб
Imperfect XML Rants Raves Tips and Tricks from an Insider Dec 2004 ISBN0131453491.chm
678 Кб
Institutionalization of Usability A Step by Step Guide 2004.chm
1,4 Мб
Interdomain Multicast Routing Practical Juniper Networks and Cisco Systems Solutio.chm
1,4 Мб
Introduction to Computer Security Oct 2004 ISBN0321247442.chm
2,9 Мб
Managing Information Security Risks.chm
4,3 Мб
Maximizing ASP NET Real World Object Oriented Development Mar 2005 ISBN0321294475.chm
4,8 Мб
Official Eclipse 3 0 FAQs by John Arthorne 2004.chm
2,4 Мб

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