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Artificial Intelligence

index of parent directory Anderson, James (2003) Visions of Mind and Body, 205p.pdf 09-Mar-2005 13:56 1.8M aqua.gif 28-Jan-2004 13:27 11K Artificial Life for Graphics, Animation, Multimedia and Virtual Reality, 1998, 386p.pdf 04-Feb-2004 14:10 51M Baader, F. (1999) Logic-Based Knowledge Representation, 29p.pdf 20-Oct-2003 13:35 1.7M Bondar, A. Teorija Myshlenija.rtf 09-Mar-2004 17:56 231K Brooks, R. (1991) Intelligence Without Reason, 28p, printed.pdf 13-Jan-2004 08:30 361K Channon, A. (1996) The Evolutionary Emergence Route To Artificial Intelligence, thesis, 30p.pdf 17-Oct-2003 07:08 85K Chomsky Philosophy Of Cognitive Science.doc 17-Mar-2004 03:35 85K Clark, A. (1998) Where Brain, Body, and World Collide, 32p.pdf 27-Dec-2004 13:00 103K Copeland, B. Turing'S O-Machines, Searle, Penrose And The Brain, 19p.pdf 03-Feb-2004 03:00 38K Crockett, L. (1994) The Turing Test and the Frame Problem - AI's Mistaken Understanding of Intelligence,.pdf 13-Jan-2004 21:13 1.0M Cs474.tpp 13-Feb-2004 17:06 783K Daberkow, D. (2003) Advances in Soft Computing and Mathematical Sciences, 23p.pdf 15-Sep-2003 16:52 575K Dershowitz, N. (2000) Artificial Intelligence - Retrospective - Prospective, 3p.pdf 29-Jan-2004 13:50 17K Deutsch, D. (1985) Quantum Theory, the Church-Turing Principle and the Universal Quantum Computer, 19p.pdf 13-Jan-2004 17:35 196K Drake, P. (2002) The Origins of Number - A Computational Account, PhD, 104p.rar 28-Jan-2004 12:07 701K Dubicky, M. (2003) Brain, Mind and Consiousness articles collection.rar 28-Jan-2004 11:24 4.4M Duda, R. (2000) Pattern Classification, 2ed, 738p.pdf 03-Nov-2003 09:56 15M Edmonds, B. (2000) The Constructibility of Artificial Intelligence (as Defined by the Turing Test), 6p.pdf 03-Feb-2004 10:42 31K Goertzel, B. 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(1997) Mind Design II - Philosophy, Psychology, Artificial Intelligence, 439p.pdf 17-Oct-2003 03:45 1.8M Hehner Eric () Information Content of Programs and Operation Encoding, 8p.pdf 05-Apr-2005 10:51 528K Hodges, A. (2002) Alan Turing and the Turing Test.htm 02-Feb-2004 21:21 35K Hodges, A. Uncomputability in the work of Alan Turing and Roger Penrose.rar 13-Feb-2004 13:34 114K How Brains Think & Lingua ex Machina.tpp 17-Jan-2005 13:17 20K Kasabov, N. (1998) Foundations of Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems, and Knowledge Engineering, 581p.pdf 10-Nov-2003 19:36 5.2M Klyubin, A. (2002) An Organization-Centric Approach to Viewing Adaptation in Complex AdaptiveSystems, MSc thesis, 107p.pdf 28-Feb-2004 15:45 461K Klyubin, A. (2004) Organization of the Information Flow in the Perception-Action Loop of Evolved Agents, 4p.pdf 19-Jun-2004 18:15 121K Klyubin, A. (2004) Relevant Information Flow in the Perception-Action Loop, early presentation, 25p.pdf 28-Feb-2004 15:45 273K Klyubin, A. (2004) Tracking Information Flow through the Environment - Simple Cases of Stigmergy, 6p.pdf 19-Jun-2004 18:15 149K Konar, A. (2000) Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing - Behavioral and Cognitive Modeling of the H.pdf 01-Jun-2003 23:59 8.6M Kornienko, E. (2003) Consiousness and Existance, site, printed.rar 11-Jul-2005 18:09 3.3M Krishnamoorthy, C.S. (1996) Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems for Engineers, 254p.pdf 17-Sep-2003 12:28 3.7M Kuldar Taveter (2004) Agent-Oriented Enterprise Modeling Based on Business Rules, 14p.pdf 08-Jun-2004 16:22 203K Kurzweil, R. (2001-2003) A collection of 30 essays.pdf 29-Jul-2003 13:04 4.2M Langton, C. (1998) Artificial Life - An Overview, 461p.pdf 30-Jan-2004 06:56 3.2M Lea, Doug (1999) Concurrent Programming in Java, Design Principles and Patterns, 2nd Ed., 432p.chm 29-Feb-2004 17:12 1.4M Liebenau, J. (1999) AI Package 1.0, 88p.pdf 13-Jun-2002 11:00 542K Lifschitz, V. 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(2000) Data Mining Ch8 - Weka - Machine Learning Algorithms in Java, 58p.pdf 30-Jan-2004 12:04 407K 07-Apr-2004 10:40 71M - library, 2003.rar 28-Jan-2004 11:25 1.1M, 2003.rar
index of parent directoryneural computation - stevan harnard (ann) neural nets intro(frohlich).pdf (ebook-pdf) mathematics - an introduction to neural networks.pdf ( ebook -pdf ) the structure of intelligence by ben goertzel .pdf (ebook pdf) artificial intelligence and expert systems for engineers.pdf c++ neural networks and fuzzy logic.chm computer information - ai - neural networks and natural language grammatical inference (lawrence et al).pdf development of neural network theory for artificial life-thesis, matlab and java code, cavuto.pdf fusion of neural networks, fuzzy systems and genetic algorithms - industrial applications .zip fuzzyreport pdf.pdf manuale_fuzzyreport_2.0_(pdf).exe mathematics - introduction to neural networks.pdf nerual_network_synthesis_using_cellular_encoding_and_the_genetic_algorithm,_gruau,_1994.pdf neural networks =algorithms, applications, and programming techniques.pdf p.(ebook-pdf) applications of robotics and artificial intelligence to reduce risk and improve effectiveness.pdf probabilistic_inference_using_markov_chain_monte_carlo_metho.pdf statistica_neural_networks.pdf theory_of_commonsense_knowl.pdf

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