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Computer science Mix 2

Cisco Press - Cisco LAN Switching Fundamentals.chm 25-Oct-2004 08:47 4.2M
Cisco Press - Cisco Router Firewall Security.chm 25-Oct-2004 08:46 5.8M
Cisco Press - LAN Switching First-Step.chm 25-Oct-2004 08:44 5.3M
Cisco Press - Wireless Networks First-Step.chm 25-Oct-2004 08:47 1.2M
Configuring IPv6 for Cisco IOS.pdf 23-Dec-2003 22:52 4.2M

hxxp:// Press/

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Asp Cheat Sheet.png 11 82.1 KB 2006-Apr-26
Css Cheat Sheet.pdf 12 378.4 KB 2006-Apr-26
Css Cheat Sheet.png 8 96.7 KB 2006-Apr-26
Html Characters Cheat Sheet.pdf 9 494.6 KB 2006-Apr-26
Html Characters Cheat Sheet.png 8 119.4 KB 2006-Apr-26
Javascript Cheat Sheet.pdf 10 95.9 KB 2006-Apr-26
Javascript Cheat Sheet.png 7 92.4 KB 2006-Apr-26
Mysql Cheat Sheet.pdf 9 435.8 KB 2006-Apr-26
Mysql Cheat Sheet.png 8 105.0 KB 2006-Apr-26
Php Cheat Sheet.pdf 9 135.5 KB 2006-Apr-26
Php Cheat Sheet.png 8 87.6 KB 2006-Apr-26
Regular Expressions.pdf 3 85.9 KB 2006-Jun-01

hxxp:// Sheets - All Languages/

Database Management Systems 2nd Ed.pdf 21 6.4 MB 2006-Feb-07
Developing Time - Oriented Database Applications in SQL.pdf 21 2.7 MB 2006-Feb-07
Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Database Design and Implementation Training 70-229.chm 16 4.0 MB 2006-Feb-07

hxxp:// and Networking/Software Development/Database/

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Algorithms.pdf 22 4.6 MB 2006-Feb-07
Expressions For Dummies.pdf 22 214.5 KB 2006-Feb-07
Mastering Regular Expressions.pdf 18 5.8 MB 2006-Feb-07
Teach Yourself Extreme Programming In 24 Hours.chm 30 2.2 MB 2006-Feb-07

hxxp:// and Networking/Software Development/General/

basicMail 9.9 KB 2006-Feb-07
connectionPool 0.0 B 2006-Feb-07
330 Tips May 25 Signed.pdf 29 1.3 MB 2006-Feb-07
Apress Java Persistence for Relational Databases.chm 13 3.3 MB 2006-Feb-07
Java Cryptography.pdf 72 1.5 MB 2006-Feb-07
Javascript.pdf 21 305.8 KB 2006-Feb-07
Java Test.PDF 13 2.5 MB 2006-Feb-07
Manning Ajax in Action 2006.pdf 14 9.3 MB 2006-Feb-07
OReilly - J2ME in a Nutshell.pdf 11 5.7 MB 2006-Feb-07
OReilly - JavaScript & DHTML Cookbook.chm 13 1.5 MB 2006-Feb-07
OReilly - JavaScript The Definitive Guide 4th Edition.chm 14 1.4 MB 2006-Feb-07
Prentice Hall Java Testing Design and Automation2004.pdf 16 5.1 MB 2006-Feb-07
Sun Certified Programmer 310-035 & 310-027.pdf 11 4.8 MB 2006-Feb-07
Wrox - JavaScript Programmer's Reference.pdf 18 16.6 MB 2006-Feb-07

hxxp:// and Networking/Software Development/Java and Javascript/

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Addison Wesley Managing Information Security Risks.chm 38 4.1 MB 2006-Feb-07
Addison Wesley Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture.chm 11 2.0 MB 2006-Feb-07
CRC Press - Complex IT Project Management.chm 46 2.3 MB 2006-Feb-07
Dean Leffingwell and Don Widrig - Managing Software Requirements.chm 11 3.1 MB 2006-Feb-07
Idea Group - Publishing Responsible anagement of Information Systems.chm 21 507.9 KB 2006-Feb-07
Identifying and Managing Project Risk Essential Tools for Failure - Proofing Your Project.chm 42 2.8 MB 2006-Feb-07
Intermarket Technical Analysis.pdf 10 7.0 MB 2006-Feb-07
John Wiley - Strategic Planning For Project Management Using A Project Management Maturity Model.pdf 37 2.8 MB 2006-Feb-07
OReilly - Applied Software Project Managemen Nov 2005.chm 15 931.1 KB 2006-Feb-07
Prentice Hall - Radical Project Management.chm 34 3.9 MB 2006-Feb-07
Principles of the Business Rule Approach.chm 13 1.6 MB 2006-Feb-07
Project Management Process Improvement.pdf 31 1.4 MB 2006-Feb-07
Software Architecture in Practice - Addison Wesley.pdf 13 12.8 MB 2006-Feb-07
Wiley Project Management Methodologies 2004.chm 49 4.9 MB 2006-Feb-07
Your Successful Project Management Career.pdf 39 2.4 MB 2006-Feb-07

hxxp:// and Networking/Software Development/Project Management/

Addison-Wesley - A Programmers Guide to .NET.chm 17 7.1 MB 2006-Feb-07
Apress - Enterprise Development with Visual Studio .NET UML and MSF.chm 9 27.9 MB 2006-Feb-07
Apress - UML Applied A .NET Perspective.chm 10 12.5 MB 2006-Feb-07
Code Notes .NET.pdf 8 1.6 MB 2006-Feb-07
Microsoft .Net Remoting.chm 9 704.4 KB 2006-Feb-07
Prentice - .NET Security and Cryptography.chm 8 3.1 MB 2006-Feb-07
Test King Microsoft 070 305 Exam.pdf 11 716.1 KB 2006-Feb-07
Test King Microsoft 070 315 EXAM Q and A v7.0.pdf 10 740.0 KB 2006-Feb-07
Test king MS 070-306 Version 2.1.pdf 12 610.7 KB 2006-Feb-07

hxxp:// and Networking/Software Development/VS.NET/

Addison-Wesley - C Sharp Developer's Guide to ASP.NET XML and ADO.NET.chm 8 2.2 MB 2006-Feb-07
Apress - ASP.NET 2.0 Revealed.chm 19 11.8 MB 2006-Feb-07
ASP.NET.2.0 Beta 2 Overview.pdf 7 473.6 KB 2006-Feb-07
ASP.NET Web Security.pdf 13 3.9 MB 2006-Feb-07
Inside WebMatrix.pdf 8 1.5 MB 2006-Feb-07
Sams - Teach Yourself Asp.Net in 21 Day .2nd Edition 2002.chm 10 8.7 MB 2006-Feb-07
Wrox ASP.NET Website Programming CSharp Edition Problem Design Solution.pdf 7 5.6 MB 2006-Feb-07

hxxp:// and Networking/Software Development/VS.NET/ASP.NET/

Apress - CSharp Programmer's Handbook.chm 10 1.2 MB 2006-Feb-07
CSharp Java Final.doc 5 745.0 KB 2006-Feb-07
MS Press - CSharp for Java Developer.chm 6 622.6 KB 2006-Feb-07
Que - Developing And Implementing Web Applications With Visual C Sharp .NET And Visual Studio .NET Exam Cram 2 Exam 70-315.chm 10 2.1 MB 2006-Feb-07
Que - Developing XML Web Services and Server Comp with Visual CSharp .NET and the .NET Framework-Exam.chm 8 1.6 MB 2006-Feb-07
Teach Yourself C Sharp In 24 Hours.chm 15 5.8 MB 2006-Feb-07

hxxp:// and Networking/Software Development/VS.NET/CSharp/

index of parent directory
3d math primer for graphics and game development
100 linux tips & tricks by patrick lambert
a brief look at c++ by bjarne stroustrup
addison wesley
advanced 3d game programming with directx 9.0
advanced winsock multiplayer game programming multicasting
a gentle introduction to tex
ai for computer games and animation
ansi iso
a perspective on iso c++ by bjarne stroustrup
applying uml and patterns (2nd edition) by craig_larman
apress - .net game programming with directx 9.0
apress - advanced transact-sql for sql server 2000
artech house - practical guide to software quality management
artificial intelligence and software engineering, understanding the promise of the future by derek partridge
art of computer programming - volume 4a - (draft) by knuth
art of computer programming ed 2 vol 2 seminumerical algorithms by donald knuth
black art of java game programming
c++ unleashed
c game programming for dummies 2
compiler design
core css cascading style sheets
data structures and algorithms with object-oriented design patterns in c++
designing sql server 2000 databases for net enterprise servers
design patterns and object oriented programming in visual basic 6 and
electricity & circuits
fundamentals of computing by leonid a. levin
gamasutra compendium (advanced graphics game programming)
gameboy advance programming manual v1.1
game design, theory & practice by richard rouse iii
game development and production
game programming 101 part i by bruno sousa
game programming 101 part ii by bruno sousa
game programming beginners guide
game programming black book
game programming book c++
game programming gems 2
html utopia - designing without tables using css
hungry minds - javascript bible, 4th edition
ieee cga - designing a pc game engine
introduction and lexical analysis (spring 1997) by david l. dill
introduction to prolog
java - data structures and algorithms with object-oriented design patterns in java
java game programming for dummies
john wiley & sons - object oriented project management with uml by murray cantor
jones & bartlett publishers - introduction to cryptography with java applets
learn computer game programming with directx
linux complete command reference
lisp examples by nick parlante
lisp programming tutorial notes
macmillan computer - ansi iso cpp professional programmers handbook
mathematics for game programming i.e. puzzles - rubiks cube etc
mcgraw hill
mysql php database applications
networking (o'reilly)
Network operation system
new riders
object oriented design with java and uml
opengl - game programming tutorials
opengl game programming tutorials
peachpit press - macromedia flash mx game design demystified
premier press - game programming all in one
prentice - core jstl, mastering the jsp standard tag library by david m. geary
prentice hall
programming java using jbuilder - partii - object-oriented programming
programming linux games
programming windows games with borland c++
project management by joan knudson and ira bitz
project management practitioner's handbook by ralph l. kleim and irwin s. ludin
quantum computation
que - programming xml by example
que - xml by example
random house - codenotes for j2ee
stl reference c programming language book manual guide by dinkum
teach yourself perl in 21 days
the art of computer game design
the art of computer game design by chris crawford
the c++ programming language 3rd ed by bjarne stroustrup
the c++ stl - a tutorial and reference by nicolai m. josuttis
the little black book of computer viruses - volume one the basic technology by mark a. ludwig
the little black book of project management by michael c. thomsett
theoretical computer science cheat sheet
tricks of the windows game programming guru's
tricks of the windows game programming gurus (graphics version)
using design patterns in game engines
visual c c++
what is object-oriented programming (1991 revised version) by bjarne stroustrup
wireless lan technologies and windows xp by tom fout
wordware - advanced 3d game programming with directx 9.0_with code
wordware - java 1.4 game programming by andrew mulholland and glen murphy
xhtml, moving toward xml
(ebook) computer science - computer organization and design - the hardware-software interface.pdf
(ebook-pdf) - project management.pdf
(ebook-pdf) - project management practitioner's handbook.pdf
(ebook-pdf) - the little black book of project management.pdf
ebook - codewarrior - principles of programming.pdf
object-oriented analysis, design, programming.pdf
parallel software development.pdf


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