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Rapidshare Macmillan Science Library - Building Blocks of Matter 7MB Info Link
A Supplement to the Macmillan Encyclopedia of Physics.

Rapidshare Africa - An Encyclopedia for Students 4v, 2002 29MB Info Link

Rapidshare Physics 2000 and Calculus 2000 17MB Info Link

Rapidshare In.Search.of.Stupidity.Over.20.Years.of.High.Tech.Marketing.Disasters 1MB CHM Info Link

Rapidshare Encyclopedia of Drugs, Alcohol, and Addictive Behavior 2nd ed., 4v, 2001 12MB Info Link

Rapidshare Drugs and Controlled Substances - Information for Students 2003 5MB Info Link

Rapidshare Academic Press (2004) Encyclopedia of Applied Psychology 17MB Info Link
Rebuilt from the original 3 volumes into a single PDF and the bookmarks completely re-indexed.
(Repost - some missing chapters have been replaced)

Rapidshare Cambridge - Aids Rhetoric and Medical Knowledge - 2005 1MB Info Link

Rapidshare Flood Frequency Analysis 3MB Info Link

Rapidshare Handbook of Mass Measurement 3MB Info Link
(complete, chapter 28 is missing in all other copies)

Rapidshare Furman Gallo - The Neurophysics of Human Behavior 2MB Info Link

Rapidshare 2MB Info Link

Rapidshare Teaching about evolution and the nature of sciences 3MB Info Link

Rapidshare Encyclopedia of Materials Characterization 13MB Info Link
Surfaces, Interfaces, Thin Films (Materials Characterization Series)

Rapidshare 6MB Info Link
Mechanics, Relativity, and Electrodynamics (The Language of Science)

Rapidshare 5MB Info Link
Thermodynamics, Statistical Physics, and Quantum Mechanics (The Language of Science)

Rapidshare Mood Disorders : A Handbook of Science and Practice 1MB Info Link

Rapidshare CRC Handbook of Pesticides 20MB Info Link

Rapidshare What.NASA.Isnt.Telling.You.About.Mars 6MB info Link (who cares)
download if you fancy a laugh at the stupidest book ever written, this makes the likes of
Erich Von Daniken & Arthur C Clarke look liker accomplished researchers : ))

Rapidshare The.Definitive.Guide.To.How.Computers.Do.Math 2MB Info Link

Rapidshare Navajo Indian Jewelry Making volume 1 and 2 24MB Info Link Info Link

Rapidshare Gale Encyclopedia of Surgery 3v 23MB Info Link
A Guide for Patients and Caregivers

Rapidshare Forensic Pathology -2nd Ed 30MB Info Link

Rapidshare API Textbook of Medicine 6th edition 20MB CHM Info Link

This is my conversion from the original HTML version to CHM, everything works perfectly including the
search engine, you can also use the built in CHM search feature for more detailed results.

Rapidshare Gale Encyclopedia of Occultism and Parapsychology 5th ed., 2v, 2001 12MB Info Link

Rapidshare Handbook of Residue Analytical Methods for Agrochemicals 9MB Info Link

Elsevier, Encyclopedia of the Human Brain v1 to 4.pdf 77MB
All 4 volumes compiled into a single PDF and so fully searchable.

Rapidshare Part1 Part2 Part3

Rapidshare The Encyclopedia of Communication Disorders, Mit Press 8MB Info Link

Rapidshare Photographing Minerals, Fossils and Lapidary Materials 4MB Info Link

Rapidshare Landsberg - Seeking Ultimates an Intuitive Guide to Physics 2MB Info Link

Rapidshare Calle C.I. Superstrings and other things IOP, 2001 6MB Info Link

Rapidshare The Mask of Sanity 1MB Info Link
An Attempt to Clarify Some Issues About the So-Called Psychopathic Personality

Rapidshare Carbon Alloys novel concepts-2003-elsevier 15MB Info Link

Rapidshare UXL Encyclopedia of Water Science 3v, 2005 12MB
Info Link

Rapidshare Datapedia.of.the.United.States 2MB
3rd Edition 2004, American History in Numbers

Rapidshare Sexual Murder Catathymic and Compulsive Homicides 3MB Info Link

Rapidshare Scientific American Feb 2006 8MB

Rapidshare Thinkmap.Visual.Thesaurus.v3.01.Build.1222.Desktop.Edition.Regged 22MB Password: avax
Info here ... copy and paste ...
More fun than a cardboard box, check it out it'll drive you nuts : )

Forensics - not for the feint hearted, contains graphic images.

Rapidshare Forensic Science an Illustrated Dictionary 10 MB Info Link

Rapidshare Elsevier - 2005 - Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems 3MB Info Link

Rapidshare CRC Press - Introduction to Forensic Sciences. -2nd Edition 7MB Info Link

Rapidshare CRC Press - Atlas of Human Hair Microscopic Characteristics 1MB Info Link

Rapidshare CRC Press - Forensic Pathology- Causes of Death Atlas Series 11MB Info Link
Time of Death, Decomposition and Identification

Rapidshare Cadaver Dog Handbook 1MB Info Link

Rapidshare Gunshot Wounds Practical Aspects of Firearms, Ballistics and Forensic Techniques 8MB Info Link

Rapidshare Bloodstain Pattern Analysis With an Introduction to Crime Scene Reconstruction 15MB Info Link

Rapidshare Gale Encyclopedia of Psychology 2nd ed., 2001 9MB Info Link

Rapidshare Wiley, Fundamentals of Light Microscopy and Electronic Imaging 5MB Info Link

Rapidshare Cambridge University Press - An Introduction to Mathematical Cosmology 2MB Info Link

Rapidshare Woolfson M.M. Origin and evolution of the solar system 2MB Info Link

Rapidshare John.Wiley.and.Sons.Fundamentals.of.Probability.and.Statistics.for.Engineers 3MB Info Link

Rapidshare Gale - 2005 - Paint Shop Pro 9. Photographers Guide 14MB Info Link

Rapidshare The Lucent Library of Science and Technology - Bacteria and Viruses 7MB Info Link

Rapidshare Philip's Atlas of the Universe 2005 52MB Info Link
NOTE - the info link only shows the correct cover, its difficult to track the proper version of this book as it seems
to have been released by a number of different publishers with slightly different covers and content.
Some images are missing from this book (same as the "Philips Astronomy Encyclopedia" further down the page)
this isn't a fault in the PDF its just the way it was released on the Thomson Gale online library.

Rapidshare Laws and Models - Science, Engineering and Technology 2MB Info Link

Rapidshare Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco - Learning About Addictive Behavior 3v, 2003 20MB Info Link

Rapidshare Architectural Press - Smart Materials and New Technologies 3MB Info Link

Rapidshare Schwab Encyclopedic Reference of Cancer 12MB Info Link

Rapidshare Philip's Astronomy Encyclopedia 2002 29MB Info Link

Rapidshare Macmillan Encyclopedia of Public Health 4v, 2002 7MB Info Link

Rapidshare Wiley Encyclopedia of Space Science and Technology 2v, 2003 33MB Info Link

Rapidshare Carey Francis - Organic Chemistry (4th Edition) 31MB
Info Link -

Rapidshare CRC Press - Fuel Cell Technology Handbook 10MB Info Link

Rapidshare Wind and Solar Power Systems - Mukund R. Patel 6MB Info Link
Design, Analysis, and Operation, Second Edition

Rapidshare Elsevier' Treatise on Geochemistry 9v 1 41MB Info Link
Rapidshare Elsevier' Treatise on Geochemistry 9v 2 41MB Info Link
Rapidshare Elsevier' Treatise on Geochemistry 9v 3 37MB Info Link

Note - all 9 volumes are compiled into a single 144MB PDF

Rapidshare Sybex, Cabling The complete Guide To Network Wiring (2004) 3Ed 11MB Info Link

Rapidshare Surveillance Technologies Spy Devices, Their Origins & Applications 24MB Info Link

Rapidshare Knots Splices and Rope Work 2MB
A very old illustrated book of knots and ropes, 1917 (no broken images in this version)

Rapidshare UXL Encyclopedia of Science 2nd ed., Vol 01-to-04 18MB Info Link
Rapidshare UXL Encyclopedia of Science 2nd ed., Vol 05-to-08 19MB Info Link
Rapidshare UXL Encyclopedia of Science 2nd ed., Vol 09-to-11 11MB Info Link
Just a note about the poor 2** rating on the Info Link - the rating was made by an imbecile who didn't
know what UXL was and had never even seen the encyclopedia, take my word for it - its excellent.

Rapidshare Comprehensive Coordination Chemistry II - Vol 1-to-3 48MB Info Link
Rapidshare Comprehensive Coordination Chemistry II - Vol 4-to-6 41MB Info Link
Rapidshare Comprehensive Coordination Chemistry II - Vol 7-to-9 51MB Info Link
From Biology to Nanotechnology, 7,800+ pages (no cumulative index but not needed)

Rapidshare John Wiley & Sons - Where the Germs Are - A Scientific Safari 1MB Info Link

Rapidshare Fruit and vegetable biotechnology 3MB Info Link

Rapidshare An Atlas of Schizophrenia 4MB Info Link

Rapidshare Color Atlas of Biochemistry, 2nd Ed. J. Koolman & K.-H. Roehm, Thieme 2005 15MB Info Link

Rapidshare USDA Wood Handbook 8MB Info Link
Wood as an Engineering Material

Rapidshare Modern Physical Metallurgy and Materials Engineering 8MB Info Link

Rapidshare CRC Press-Statistics for Environmental Engineers 2nd Ed 5MB Info Link

Rapidshare CRC Press - Environmental Engineering Dictionary and Directory 1MB Info Link

Rapidshare UXL World War II Reference Library 5v, 2000 32MB Info Link
The WW I version can be found further down the page.

Rapidshare Gale Encyclopedia of Russian History 34MB Info Link
I'm well aware that there are many version of this book circulating the internet but
if you care about quality then this is the copy to have.

Rapidshare McGraw-Hill - Mechanisms And Mechanical Devices Sourcebook - Sclater & Chironis 20MB Info Link

Rapidshare Gale Encyclopedia of Mental Disorders 2v, 2003 8MB Info Link

Rapidshare Planetary Science - The Science of Planets Around Stars 8MB Info Link

Rapidshare Academic Press Mechanical Engineer's Handbook-Dan B. Marghitu 9MB Info Link

Rapidshare McGraw.Hill.Handbook.of.Electrical.Design.Details.2nd.Edition 4MB Info Link

Rapidshare CRC Standard Mathematical Tables and Formulae, 31st Edition 7MB Info Link

Rapidshare Quarks.Leptons.and.the.Big.Bang.Second.Edition 3MB Info Link

Rapidshare Wiley.Interscience.Introductory.Biostatistics 2MB Info Link

Rapidshare UXL World War I Reference Library 4v, 2002 24MB Info Link

If your an old Dr Who fan your sure to love this.
Rapidshare Dalek Builder's Workshop Manual 3MB

Rapidshare Magic Mushrooms Around The World, By Jochen Gartz 16MB Info Link

Rapidshare Sidebotham T.H. The A to Z of mathematics A basic Guide (Wiley, 2002) 2MB Info Link

Rapidshare CRC Press, Concise Dictionary of Materials Science, Novikov 3MB Info Link
Structure and Characterization of Polycrystalline Materials

Rapidshare Evolution and the Fossil Record 1MB

Rapidshare UXL Witchcraft in America 2001 16MB Info Link

Rapidshare UXL - Encyclopedia of Landforms and Other Geologic Features 27MB Info Link

Rapidshare McGraw.Hill.Architects.Portable.Handbook 9MB Info Link

Rapidshare The US History Cookbook 3MB Info Link

Rapidshare Encyclopedia of information science and technology 24MB Info Link

Rapidshare Essentials of Meteorology - An Invitation to the Atmosphere - Ahrens 16MB Info Link

Rapidshare Introduction to Physical Geology - Thompson-Turk 17MB Info Link

Rapidshare Harper's Illustrated Biochemistry 26th ed 7MB Info Link

Rapidshare Macmillan Science Library - Mathematics 4v 44MB Info Link

Rapidshare Great physicists From Galileo to Hawking 7MB Info Link

Rapidshare Oreilly_Astronomy_Hacks__2005 18MB CHM Info Link

Rapidshare Life at the limits Organisms in Extreme Environments 2MB Info Link

Rapidshare Springer_Handbook_of_Nano-technology 53MB full CD version Info Link

Rapidshare Macmillan Encyclopedia of Energy 3v, 2001 34MB Info Link

Rapidshare The_Illustrated_Dictionary_of_Electronics 8th Edition 5MB Info Link (same book but this is a newer version)

The Who, What, Where, How, and Why of the World’s Most Terrifying Murderers.
Rapidshare The_Serial_Killer_Files 6MB Info Link

Rapidshare Radar_Technology_Encyclopedia_-_Barton 9MB Info Link

Rapidshare Rolls_Royce_-_The_Jet_Engine 20MB

Quite an interesting catalogue of concealable weapons from door keys that turn into knives to plastic razor blades.
Rapidshare FBI_Guide_to_Concealable_Weapons 2MB

Rapidshare Handwriting_Identification_-_Facts_and_Fundamentals 6MB Info Link

Rapidshare Methamphetamine_Use_-_Clinical_and_Forensic_Aspects 4MB Info Link

If ever you need a good reason to never visit Africa then just check out these huge cattle eating spiders
(ok maybe not cows and sheep but birds and mice .... ugh ;)
Rapidshare Baboon_and_Trapdoor_Spiders_of_Southern_Africa 7 MB

The Biomedical Engineering Handbook - 2Ed - Bronzino vol & vol2 (51 MB pdf)
This is vol1 & vol2 combined into a single book

Read about the book here Vol 1 & Vol 2

Download the book here

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