Saturday, December 16, 2006

Some Security Links


@Stake Research Labs
@stake Research Labs are dedicated to researching and documenting security flaws that exist in the Internet infrastructure. These flaws may be in operating systems, networking protocols, application software, or hardware devices.
Articsoft Security Education Center
IT Security white papers, information security education, beginners guides to internet security.
Astalavista Group
International Astalavista Group Website.
Attrition is a computer security Web site dedicated to the collection, dissemination and distribution of information about the industry for anyone interested in the subject.
Australian Information Security
Australian Information Security - Firewalls, LAN and Network Audits.
This website was made out of the love of computer security. I decided to dedicate a website to web application security in particular, because it is overlooked a lot of the time.
Different people, different knowledge, same interest.
Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE)
A list of standardized names for vulnerabilities and other information security exposures - CVE aims to standardize the names for all publicly known vulnerabilities and security exposures.
Counterpane Internet Security
Counterpane Internet Security, Inc. is the innovator and world's leading provider of Managed Security Monitoring (MSM) services.
Freedom of information, the digital conspiracy.
The largest underground internet security gathering on the planet.
Home of BigBro, Ghost, ViPER and Clueless Mo.
DNSSEC (short for "DNS Security") is a technique for securing the Domain Name System. It is a set of extensions to DNS, which provide end-to-end authenticity and integrity and was designed to protect the Internet from certain attacks.
Intrusion Prevention and Reporting Services.
eEye Digital Security
eEye is your security partner, watching over your networks. We provide security products and services to help you secure your networks and the vital corporate data that resides on your servers.
IPSEC is Internet Protocol SECurity. It uses strong cryptography to provide both authentication and encryption services. Authentication ensures that packets are from the right sender and have not been altered in transit. Encryption prevents unauthorised reading of packet contents. These services allow you to build secure tunnels through untrusted networks. Everything passing through the untrusted net is encrypted by the IPSEC gateway machine and decrypted by the gateway at the other end. The result is Virtual Private Network or VPN. This is a network which is effectively private even though it includes machines at several different sites connected by the insecure Internet.
Fyodor's Playground
Nmap Free Stealth Network Port Scanner, Linux/Windows/UNIX/Solaris Tools & Hacking.
Hack In The Box
Hack In The Box is designed to facilitate discussions on security related topics, create security awareness, and to try and provide a comprehensive database of security knowledge and resources to the public. We aim to make HITB a single place, or community on the INternet where people and corporations can go to find security information and the latest news from the underground as well as from the computer technology sectors.
This is a computer security site, destined to the instruction of computer users all around the world. HackPalace can be considered one of the largest sites of its kind on the internet, if not the largest. It has well over 400 megs of programs and text files. Some text files are old, some are new. The old ones are basically kept for historical reasons. New ones have their obvious, immediate application.
Help Net Security
Information security portal.
Higher Learning
Higher Learning : For all the real hackers & phreakers
The Security Portal for Information System Security Professionals.
ISS: Internet Security Systems
Because there is a different kind of threat every day, you need a different kind of security.
IWS - The Information Warfare Site
IWS - The Information Warfare Site is an online resource that aims to stimulate debate about a range of subjects from information security to information operations and e-commerce.
is designed to serve as the primary Internet-based source of information, insight and news relating to Linux and Open Source security issues, and is driven by the security needs of the users of the site. Our web and development staff, based in New Jersey , focuses on gathering advisories, articles and reports on Linux security.
Mixter Security
Mixter Security.
Netric Security Team
Dutch (-Belgium) Security Team. They code their own tools, exploits and they write their own security advisories.
Nomad Mobile Research Centre
Nomad Mobile Research Centre. Where ever you are, that is the hacker lab. Be it work, home, consulting, even in the car or in the shower -- just keep the brain w working. Most of the stuff here deals with computer security, and is the result of working in this large virtual lab (although most NMRC members have fairly nice dedicated labs for security research).
Obit Security
Practically all companies and organisations use computer networks. They are frequently connected to the largest network in the world: the Internet. Our world can not exist anymore without this technology and the accompanying stream of information. Through these new developments new problems are also created.
Open Source Development Network
OSDN, the Open Source Development Network, is the leading news, collaboration and distribution community for IT and Open Source development, implementation and innovation.
Packetstorm Security
Packet Storm is an extremely large and current security tools resource. We are a non-profit organization comprised of security engineers dedicated to providing the information necessary to secure the Worlds networks. We accomplish this goal by publishing new security information on a worldwide network of websites.
rfp.labs: Home of rain forest puppy
# Nothing but Unix.
After collecting thousands defacements the maintainers of decided to close the mirror. This site will not be updated as frequently as we did in the past but will often be used to release new tools and document that where created by its maintainer zillion. Coming soon: A Shell code development document that covers both FreeBSD and Linux.
Having experience as Security Specialists, Programmers and System Administrators we appreciate your need for a Security Portal - A central Security web site containing all the newest security information from various mailing lists, hacker channels and our own tools and knowledge. We hope this will help you cope with the newest security threats and keep you closely updated, because we know how important it is to be updated to the minute in today's computer world...
Security Focus
SecurityFocus is a leading provider of enterprise security threat management systems. SecurityFocus provides customized and comprehensive alerts of impending cyber attacks worldwide - with countermeasures to prevent attacks before they occur - enabling companies to mitigate risk, manage threats, and ensure business continuity. The company also licenses the world's largest, most complete vulnerability database, hosts the most popular security community mailing list, Bugtraq™, and publishes original security content at
A dutch website with dutch security news
Slashdot. News for nerds. Stuff that matters
100% Security does exist, the security startplaza on the internet! is a website dedicated to honeypot technologies. Honeypots are a unique security weapon, designed to be attacked by the badguys. This site will detail you the value of honeypots, how they work, the different kinds, and how you can deploy one.
VPN Labs
VPNlabs is an open community for researching, reviewing, and discussing Virtual Private Networks.
Collection of whitepapers, articles and websites about Wireless (802.11) Security and Wardriving.
Wiretapped is an archive of software and information covering the areas of host, network and information security, network operations, cryptography and privacy, among others. We believe we are now the largest archive of this type of software & information, hosting in excess of 20 gigabytes of information mirrored from around the world.
A neutral ground place where hackers and admins can meet to talk about security. Zone-H has an extensive coverage of the world security news and advisories. It has also a large security tools download area, a moderated IT legal corner and last but not least, the most complete defacements archive ever.

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