Saturday, December 16, 2006

Visual C++ Programming

Visual C++ Books

Beginning Visual C++ -- This book is oriented to teaching you how to program in C++ in Microsoft environments. Specifically it teaches two distinct versions of C++: First is standard ISO/ANSI standard C++ that will run on anything and is specifically for the development of high performance applications that run in native mode on the computer. Second is C++/CLI which is part of Microsoft's .NET framework. .NET is a library of routines that accomplish many of the standard tasks that you would otherwise have to program yourself. (John Matlock)

Enterprise Application Development with Visual C++ 2005 -- Enterprise Application Development with Visual C++ 2005 teaches developers how to create practical

business applications using managed C++ and Visual Studio® 2005. It offers best practices for coding and C++ development, including class programming, code factoring, source control, memory management, and interdependency and interoperability.

Introduction to Windows And Graphics Programming With Visual C++ .net -- This book provides an accessible approach to the study of Windows programming with Visual C++. It is intended to be an introduction to Visual C++ for technical people including practicing engineers, engineering students, and others who would like to understand Windows programming and use its inherent graphic capabilities.

Visual C++ Tutorials/Introductory Material

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