Wednesday, January 10, 2007


General :-
An Introduction to UNIX Shell
Writing Shell Scripts
Shell Command Language Index
Shell Script Programming
Getting Most From Your Shell
Shell Programming Part 1
Shell Programming Part 2
Shell Scripts and Awk
Sh / Bash :-
Bash Guide for Beginners
UNIX Bourne Shell Programming
Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide
Bash Reference Manual
Bash man page
Bourne Shell Programming Tutorial
Bourne Shell Programming (Robert P. Sayle)
BASH Programming - Introduction HOW-TO
Steve's Bourne Bash Scripting Tutorial
Csh / Tcsh :-
The C Shell Tutorial
Csh Man Page
TCsh Man Page
Ksh :-
Korn Shell Script Course Notes
Ksh man page
UNIX Shell Scripting with Sh/Ksh
Zsh :-
Zsh Workshop
Introduction to Zsh
Zsh Documentation
A User's Guide to the Z-Shell
Zsh man page
Zsh FAQs
Miscellaneous :-
Pdksh Man Page
UNIX Shell Difference FAQs

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