Wednesday, March 28, 2007

3D designing

1. Creating Materials
understanding the material editor 12:40 22.6 MB
basic shader types 14:26 23.5 MB
creating maps 12:28 21.9 MB
procedural maps 13:19 24.6 MB
applying bitmaps as textures 11:29 22.7 MB
using composite maps to layer images 6:14 11.2 MB
creating decals using mix maps 7:42 13.5 MB
using falloff maps 10:41 19 MB
changing maps according to distance 6:49 12.6 MB
gradients 7:07 12.8 MB
bumps and displacement 17:05 31.3 MB
creating realistic reflections 10:51 20.6 MB
transparency 9:11 16.2 MB
creating a complex skin shader 10:09 17.9 MB
creating a complex skin shader part 2 5:27 10 MB
using the multi/sub object material 9:03 16.6 MB

2. Mapping in 3ds max
creating maps 11:20 20.1 MB
placing maps with UVW mapping modifier 13:14 23.8 MB
using photoshop to create tiled textures 12:52 22.3 MB
texturing complex objects with UVW unwrap 6:48 12.4 MB
creating a UVW unwrap map in photoshop 11:17 19.4 MB
adjusting and applying a UVW unwrap map 13:48 24.4 MB
using multiple UV coordinates for complex mapping 7:14 13.7 MB

3. Lighting
basics of lighting 13:44 25 MB
basic shadows in scanline renderer 10:19 19.1 MB
raytrace shadows in scanline renderer 7:06 13 MB
light attenuation 3:55 7.5 MB
omni lights 6:15 11.5 MB
lighting effects 8:31 15.1 MB
global illumination using scanline renderer 11:44 18.5 MB
mental ray lights/shadows 5:19 9.7 MB
global illumination using mental ray 7:13 12.6 MB
caustics in mental ray 8:25 15.1 MB

4. Cameras
basics of cameras 6:59 14.3 MB
environments 3:52 6.9 MB
depth of field in scanline renderer 6:26 12 MB
motion blur in scanline renderer 6:07 11.2 MB
depth of field in mental ray 5:10 9.3 MB
motion blur in mental ray 2:27 4.4 MB
camera shaders in mental ray 3:41 7 MB

5. Advanced Rendering
panorama export 3:05 5.2 MB
render to texture 7:25 13.7 MB
render elements 4:43 7.8 MB

conclusion 0:05 0.5 MB

Creating Games in C++ : A Step-by-Step Guide

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Red Hat Linux Networking and System Administration

Red Hat Linux is the most popular distribution of Linux currently in use. Red Hat
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