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How to Create a Transparent Background in Photoshop.pdf 20-Nov-2005 16:00 107K
How to Create a Transparent Gradient in Photoshop.pdf 20-Nov-2005 16:02 70K
How to make a Transparent GIF in Photoshop.pdf 20-Nov-2005 16:01 37K
InDesign CS_ Adding Drop Shadows, UWEC.pdf 18-Nov-2005 07:30 28K
InDesign_appplying_master_pages.pdf 20-Feb-2005 14:11 359K
InDesign_document_grid_for_a_spread.pdf 20-Feb-2005 14:10 246K
IndDesign_Show-Hide Master Items.doc 02-Mar-2005 10:38 20K
Kerning & DTP Links.doc 20-Feb-2005 08:59 38K
Links for Tips.doc 20-Nov-2005 16:37 24K
Photoshop Tips - 7 Background Eraser.pdf 20-Nov-2005 15:51 45K
Photoshop Tips - 7 Palettes.pdf 20-Nov-2005 15:52 28K

hxxp:// ShopTips/

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Adding a picture frame to your pictures in Photoshop.rar 23-May-2005 09:10 102k
Altering image backgrounds in Photoshop 5.5.rar 23-May-2005 09:10 49k
Automating Photoshop 5.5.rar 23-May-2005 09:10 29k
Clipping Paths.rar 23-May-2005 09:10 39k
Colour correcting images using Adjustment Layers.rar 23-May-2005 09:11 42k
Combining Images.rar 23-May-2005 09:11 176k
Correcting images in Photoshop 6.rar 23-May-2005 09:11 154k
Correcting images with the Measure Tool.rar 23-May-2005 09:11 83k
Creating Layer Masks in Photoshop 5.5.rar 23-May-2005 09:12 30k
Creating a banner logo.rar 23-May-2005 09:11 66k
Creating cool chrome text.rar 23-May-2005 09:11 74k
Custom Gradients in Photoshop 6.rar 23-May-2005 09:12 73k
Making subtle colour alterations with Selective Colour.rar 23-May-2005 09:12 95k
Merge visible with a difference.rar 23-May-2005 09:12 31k
PLAYING WITH FIRE.rar 23-May-2005 09:12 100k
PhotoShop Links from WZ2K.rar 23-May-2005 09:12 20k
Rain Drops.rar 23-May-2005 09:12 187k
Selections %231.rar 23-May-2005 09:13 29k
Selections %232.rar 23-May-2005 09:13 25k
Sharpening your images.rar 23-May-2005 09:13 110k
The Rubber Stamp tool.rar 23-May-2005 09:13 57k
Understanding Levels in Photoshop 5.5.rar 23-May-2005 09:13 42k
Using Photoshop's History Brush.rar 23-May-2005 09:13 62k
Using the Colour Range command.rar 23-May-2005 09:13 66k
Using the Defringe command in Photoshop.htm.rar 23-May-2005 09:13 3k
Using the Defringe command in Photoshop.mht.rar 23-May-2005 09:13 68k
Using the Magic Eraser tool in Photoshop.rar 23-May-2005 09:14 66k
Using the replace colour function in Photoshop 5.5.rar 23-May-2005 09:14 76k
Visual impact and depth of field.rar 23-May-2005 09:14 57k

hxxp:// photoshop/photo/Photoshop Tips/MHT Tuts/

Adobe%ae Photoshop%ae7.0manual_549pgs.pdf 25-Dec-2003 21:57 13M
Apostila Adobe PhotoShop_42pgs.pdf 28-Apr-2004 20:18 2.4M
Photoshop 7 usermanual_11pgs.pdf 28-Apr-2004 20:16 388K
Phtotoshop_83pgs.pdf 12-Apr-2004 18:36 4.5M


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