Wednesday, March 28, 2007


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A Leak From Our Universe to Another.pdf 15-Sep-2006 11:19 10k
An EVO Clutch and Microphone.pdf 27-Oct-2004 05:05 10k
Black Holes as EVOs.pdf 26-Jul-2006 09:58 6k
Charge Clusters In Action.pdf 21-Sep-2000 08:59 481k
Dark Matter Messengers.pdf 26-Jun-2006 09:32 11k
Disruptor.pdf 11-Jul-2006 03:38 9k
EVO Life Cycle.doc 24-Mar-2006 10:58 1.7M
EVO Oscillation-The Friendly Enemy.pdf 14-Nov-2004 13:52 11k
EVO Propulsion Basis 2.pdf 10-Apr-2005 14:01 2.2M
EVOs and Hutchison Effect.pdf 16-May-2005 10:08 1.1M
EVOs as WIMPs.pdf 02-May-2006 08:08 11k
Electric Gun Effects.pdf 22-Jul-2006 09:31 11k
Electromagnetic Pulse Source Using Fluidized Electrons-Appendix I.PDF 09-Jul-2005 08:54 2.3M
Electromagnetic Pulse Source Using Fluidized Electrons.pdf 12-Jul-2005 07:44 36k
Electron Condenser.pdf 15-Sep-2004 06:40 303k
Elements of Support for New Technology.pdf 04-Sep-2004 10:04 22k
Energy Conversion From The Exotic Vacuum Revised.pdf 01-Jul-2004 07:34 1.0M
Energy.pdf 06-Feb-2005 10:47 6k
Equalizer Two.pdf 12-Jul-2005 13:15 12k
Exploring.pdf 10-Feb-2004 08:18 16k
ICCF-10 Low Voltage Nuclear Transmutation.pdf 31-Aug-2003 08:41 2.0M
Large scale propulsion using EVOs.pdf 04-Oct-2004 10:50 17k
Permittivity Transitions.pdf 21-Sep-2000 14:39 2.7M
Projectiles From the Dark Side.pdf 06-May-2006 07:26 23k
Propulsion Using Zero Point Quantum Pressure.pdf 17-Jul-2004 15:07 516k
Shielding From The Inevitable.pdf 24-Jul-2006 09:50 55k
Short Range Electron Attractive Force.pdf 25-Aug-2004 04:24 11k
The Good The Bad And The Ugly.pdf 23-Aug-2004 09:30 742k
Transmission of EVOs Through Metal.pdf 29-Apr-2006 03:44 285k
Web Montage.pdf 30-May-2005 12:13 2.7M
What is the Universe Made of.pdf 02-Jul-2004 12:29 1.1M
What's an EVO.pdf 10-Oct-2004 10:51 18k
Which Mass.pdf 21-May-2006 06:37 7k
nev clusters 2.pdf 19-Feb-2003 17:13 214k


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Physics-GRE.pdf 13-Sep-2004 20:57 2.3M
Physics.pdf 13-Sep-2004 20:57 2.9M
gr8677.pdf 13-Sep-2004 20:57 6.5M
gre_physics.practice..> 13-Sep-2004 20:57 116k


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